003 — Craft Business Design x Totomoxtle


Closeup of Totomoxtle veneer made from heirloom corn husks

“How can business design be harnessed to support Totomoxtle to become a more commercially viable craft enterprise?”

A scene from the centre of Tonahuixtla during a weekday afternoon, in front of abandoned school

1. Onboarding

Accounting records by Delphino, co-manager of Totomoxtle

2. Zooming in

3. Aerial View

4. Empathise & Explore

Blue (Full-Time Management), Yellow (Farmers), Red (Part-Time Artisan-Employees)
Heirloom corn husks in the corner of Totomoxtle workshop
Front of Totomoxtle’s new workshop
Workshop in full swing!
Lucaro, 19, is a part-time employee at Totomoxtle with aspirations to finish her degree

5. Define & Ideate

Bringing the varying actors’ desires (+) and pain points (-) together to the same line
Looking at the connections between problems and finding root problems (ie. limited supply of corn)
Heirloom corn husks
Assessing the ideas with each actor, it felt like a win-win
Handing over the transfer of corn husks to polygons to the farmers’ scope of responsibility

6. Uncovering Blindspots

Clusters: Locating partners, Starting relationships, Credibility, Partnerships, Rituals, Engagement, Capital and Payment Transactions

7. Prototype & Test

Delphino testing out the new seat for de-husking corn — amazing example of design innovation hacks within the supply chain!


Lucy using ancestral technique to hand weave hat from straw

Craft Business Design Toolkit

My work area in the Totomoxtle workshop



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